Friday, January 1, 2010



My very best wishes to anyone who reads this for a healthy, happy and most of all, year filled with positive energy and changes. One of my main resolutions is to post DAILY on this blog, and really concentrate on my Hummingbird Challenge website and network.. I have been so distracted these last few months, allowing for other things to get in the way and to prevent me from pursuing my dream of empowering each individual to feel that they can and do make a difference in their own little communities and circle of friends and family. So, this is my promise to you: as far as possible (sometimes I may be travelling, etc.) I will write a daily thought or message, and hopefully hear from some of you. Please check out my website at: and tell me what you think. I am considering changing the focus of my effort from collecting stories for a book to having a more interactive/blog type of network...


Take care, Ingrid

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