Monday, January 4, 2010

What are we doing?

Sometimes we stop and ask ourselves "what am I doing"? The good news is that we are observing our behavior and actions from a more objective viewpoint; the bad news is that we nevertheless don't seem to be able to change that behavior in the long run...

I am hoping that by sharing each other's experiences and behaviors that it will become possible to become inspired to make that change, do that thing that you have been dreaming about, think outside the box and make that thought or dream a reality. It is very powerful to communicate via our own personal experiences and stories. I have become so touched and motivated by hearing and seeing what others are thinking and doing.

I think that is why the whole story of Susan Boyle has been so incredible. She brings out in so many people that "underdog" kind of scenario...and what an inspiration to go after what you dream about and believe in! I have watched that video of "Britain's Got Talent" over and over again, and it never fails to make me cry. And you don't have to have an incredible talent or gift - maybe you just have something important to share. Maybe other people who have had a dream for a long time will dare to venture outside of those binds that are tying them down, and know what they are doing...

Let's share that knowledge with each other, and make a difference together!

Take care, Ingrid

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