Thursday, January 7, 2010

What did you do today?

I had a New Year's resolution to enter a blog every day on this site, and I missed yesterday! Oh well...I have to just continue on and not look back!

I try every day to do at least one thing that is selfless and loving, Maybe it is the mother in me, but I hope that it is the humanness in me more than anything. So, today I was able to reach out and help a friend who was going through a very difficult situation. just by sending her a card and letting her know that I was thinking of her...How often we get caught up in our own things and don't find the time to do that...I really appreciate it when someone does that for me - just a little thing, but what a big impact that makes!

It's all part of being that little hummingbird...

Take care, Ingrid


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  2. After reading your comments, I have been thinking back on the past few weeks and trying to remember some of the things that I've done for people. Because I don't focus on them, it's easy to forget and lose the feelings that come from being a good fellow human being. I've decided to make it a point each day to remember what I've done and if I haven't smiled at someone, been considerate just because it's the right thing to do or done something special for someone, I will make it a priority for the following day.

    I take cigarettes to a drop-in fellowship center for mentally ill individuals. I take them directly to the people sitting outside in the courtyard and it makes my heart sing when I see how grateful they are and how incredibly sharing they are with each other. I know that smoking isn't encouraged, but I also know that mental illness and cigarettes go hand in hand. I wish the rest of society was as caring and sharing as these people.


  3. That's great lady! I can't wait to